Notice: FCC Bans 121.5 MHz ELTs

AOPA Opposes Rule Change
The Federal Communication Commission shocked the aviation community this week when it announced that it will prohibit the sale or use of 121.5 MHz emergency locator transmitters, effective in August. This ruling appears ill timed and several aviation groups are hoping to work with the FAA to work out compliance so that thousands of general aviation aircraft are not grounded.

The FCC says, “Were we to permit continued marketing and use of 121.5 MHz ELTs … it would engender the risk that aircraft owners and operators would mistakenly rely on those ELTs for the relay of distress alerts.”

The AOPA is opposed to the rule change and AOPA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Rob Hackman says “The FCC is making a regulatory change that would impose an extra cost on GA operators, without properly communicating with the industry or understanding the implications of its action.”

More than 220,000 aircraft in the general aviation fleet that still carry 121.5-MHz ELTs.

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