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The FAA has mandated that aircraft that lack ADS-B (out) functionality will be grounded. The deadline has past and when you are ready to schedule your ADS-B installation.

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ADS-B installation in Oregon

Jet Center MFR is pleased that many of its customers have upgraded to ADS-B and will be flying after the FAA’s ADS-B mandate deadline. Jet Center MFR would like to invite those customers who have not yet performed the necessary upgrades to schedule a time for the upgrade.

What is ADS-B?

Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast or (ADS-B) is the next generation for air traffic surveillance. ADS-B Out when installed will broadcast the aircraft’s identification, altitude and velocity to Air traffic control and other aircraft that have ADS-B In installed.

ADS-B Out must be equipped by January 1st, 2020.

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ADS-B Compliance Kits

Jet Center MFR offers turn-key ADS-B compliance kits with comprehensive installation support. To get started, contact us at 1-541-770-5314

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