Drone Service Center


Jet Center Medford is a qualified repair station for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. Jet Center Medford is part of the Robotic Skies Service Center Network, the nation’s first such group working to keep UAVs, or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), flying safely. For drone owners and operators, Jet Center Medford is qualified to handle your complete needs, including:

Jet Center Medford is the only Robotic Skies drone Service Center in Southern Oregon

So far dozens of service centers across the country have been chosen for the network. As an FAA-certified Repair Station GCPR185E, we feature FAA-certified service technicians with Airframe Class 1 and Class 3, Radio Class 1 and Class 2, and Limited ratings.

The Robotic Skies Service Center Network focuses on the certification, distribution and ongoing maintenance of the emerging personal and commercial drone fleet, which includes maintenance, repair, and inspections.

Robotic Skies chooses partners with a solid brand image, a good relationship with the FAA, and the technical capability to service avionics and airframes. The company also looks for forward-thinking repair stations such as Jet Center Medford that are constantly seeking new markets and opportunities, and realize the advantage of getting in on the ground floor of an emerging market segment such as unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Launched in February 2014, Robotic Skies is an advanced technology-marketing project with roots in Kings Avionics, an FAA-approved repair station. Robotic Skies instructors work with UAV factory representatives to train Jet Center Medford technicians on airworthiness procedures and regulatory requirements as they develop. Through a unique service center model, Robotic Skies has the ability to provide maintenance coverage to almost any location in the country, and many international regions as well. Robotic Skies Service Centers are managed via a cloud-based application that has the ability to track specific airframes, power plants, avionics, life or time-limited components, and command and control systems.

Jet Center Medford has the ability to upload and update make-and-model specific technical data, with maintenance and inspection procedures that satisfy FAA requirements for instructions for continued airworthiness.

Find out more about Robotic Skies at www.roboticskies.com.

Jet Center Medford is qualified to handle your complete needs, including:

  • Drone factory repair
  • Drone regular maintenance
  • Drone operating inspections
  • Drone factory parts